Workshop Venue

1st Workshop “NanoBioMed Sardinia 2017” will take place at Conference Room of Quarté Sayal, Via Garibaldi 87, 07041 Alghero (SS), Sardinia, Italy.

The town of Alghero is located in northwestern Sardinia.
The city, one of the principal of Sardinia and the fifth most populated region, is one of the gateways to the Island, thanks to the close airport of Fertilia.
It is the capital of the Riviera del Corallo, whose name is related to the presence in its waters of  large amount of the precious red coral.
It a strong tourist popular destination in the island: in 2012 it was the 10th Italian cities most visited by foreign tourists.
Another feature of Alghero is its landscape. It has several beachesbays and natural parks on the shoreline. Capo Caccia promontory and its lighthouse are landmarks.


The San Giovanni Lido, located in front of the Workshop Venue, is one of the most fascinating beaches on the whole coast of Alghero. This wide beach, bordered by a row of palm trees marking the boundary with the town of Alghero, is made of fine white sand, and is lapped by a sea with amazing hues of blue.
The Lido San Giovanni beach is in the municipality of Alghero, and is easily reached from the town centre. Simply follow the directions to the Lido, following the Busquet promenade: the bay stretches between via Garibaldi and via Lido, to the north of the town’s historic centre.
The Lido San Giovanni beach is well loved not only on account of its beauty and closeness to the town but also for its full range of services. It includes an equipped lido offering a full range of facilities to beachgoers, who can relax on the beach for days at a stretch renting loungers and sun umbrellas. On the other hand, those who like a pinch of adventure without giving up services can decide to pitch their tent, as camping is allowed.
The Lido is a perfect beach for families with children who are guaranteed to have a great time in the water game park. The seabed is an adventure playground for scuba divers enthralled by its wonders. The beach is quite popular, not least because it can be enjoyed by persons with reduced mobility and has plenty of parking space.

How to reach

Alghero Airport is located about 12 km from Alghero town centre
Public transport is also available at any time:
Public buses connect the Airport to Alghero city centre.
Timetable and maps can be found on:
and on Alghero Airport website:
Several taxis are available at the airport, the distance is approx. 8 km from Airport to city centre.